Black Seed Farmers Market

The Black Seed Farmers Market connects community members of diverse backgrounds with each other, as well as with local farmers, some of whom are recent immigrants and/or refugees in order to foster wellness, belonging, and a supportive local economy around healthy foodOur market empowers community members to take their health into their own hands through access to healthier food choices.

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Black Seed Farmers Market is open every:

Monday to Friday, year-round, from 11:00am to 5:00pm inside the Denholm Building, located at 484 Main Street, Suite 180, Worcester, MA 01608.

Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm at REC’s University Park Farm Stand on 965 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01610 till the last weekend in October.

Sunday, year-round, from 10:00am to 2:00pm at The Matchstick Market at 55 Sterling Street, Clinton, MA 01510.

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When you shop at Black Seed Farmers Market, your dollars are kept in our community.  You are directly supporting healthy, active employment for motivated youth in Worcester. And you are strengthening and securing healthy, local food access by supporting farmers and producers in Worcester County.

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A Community Building Program

As a program of MCL, it brings not only local organic produce to Worcester Islamic Center (one of our local masjids) on Sundays, but local organic halal meat as well. There are few farmers that provide local organic halal meat, so people’s access to these farmers and their products is scarce to none. Our farmers market bridges that gap! We hope believe that by bridging the gap between farmers, masjidgoers, refugees, immigrants, senior citizens, churchgoers, and the community at large, we are fostering a community of empowered and educated citizens who are able to make better decisions for their wellness and local economy.

Our produce is supplied from local farms including from farms run by refugees from Nepal, Iraq, and multiple African states, so as to support their livelihood.

In the 2016 season (our first), we employed and mentored 12 Worcester resident youth, through our Sunday farmers market at the Worcester Islamic Center.  The kids were trained in how to set up a farmers market, engage with customers around access to local food and food preparation, complete sales transactions, and track progress on market day.  The youth also participated in a soccer clinic that taught them leadership skills.

Last season with your support, we made this market a success as a community program, but also as a social entrepreneurship endeavor for MCL. We have even been able to continue serving the community once a week through the winter with locally produced goods like honey, maple syrup, jams, and other jarred goods!

Are you a believer?

You’re not the only one! The Regional Environmental Council, Worcester’s leading environmental and food justice organization, is supportive of our market too! In our inaugural 2016 season, we also received monetary support from The Garden Hill Fund of The Mountain School, but support from people like you, help us to sustain our efforts!

“…MCL’s new Black Seed Market… is planning to be a model of collaboration and has from the very start reached out to establish mutually beneficial systems of operation…. We at REC have offered to support MCL with storage and equipment support for Black Seed Market as well as systems support. The REC’s mission is to support community empowerment and leadership to create community health. In support of MCL to run the Black Seed Market, the REC is given a great opportunity to further this mission.”

“The Garden Hill Fund of The Mountain School (TMS) supports the good work of TMS graduates as they bring to life the mission of the school—to reach beyond the self and focus on the common good—in their own communities and the larger world. The Fall 2015 alumni and student Garden Hill Fund committees were drawn to the Black Seed Farmers Market project because it pertained directly to Mountain School values, food access, and serving and connecting various communities that have been underserved. Shahbaz Soofi, an alumnus of TMS, demonstrated great initiative starting up the market, with real potential to impact a community where he has history. We are pleased to have supported the project, and we wish Shahbaz and the Black Seed Farmers Market all the best on their opening this summer!”

Mountain School of Milton

Your support provides our organization with funds to sustain our farmers market which serves a diverse community, particularly:

  • Recent immigrants & refugees, some of whom will sell their produce at the market; others who need access to healthy and culturally relevant food purchasing options!
  • Masjidgoers, Churchgoers, & people of all faiths and backgrounds in the Worcester community
  • Senior citizens
  • Families & individuals using SNAP/EBT, Women, Infants, & Children (WIC) coupons, & Senior coupons

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